Checker - 1967 Marathon 4-door sedan

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Checker - 1967 Marathon 4-door sedan

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Item No: arcd01807
Title: Checker - 1967 Marathon 4-door sedan
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 From: Herbert Baker Advertising, Inc. 919 North Michigan Avenue. Chicago, Illinois 60611

For: Checker Motors Corporation. 2142 Pitcher Street. Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

Perfect Balance of Comfort and Compactness

Continuity of classic styling keynotes the 1967 Checker Marathon, which achieves the ideal balance of interior spaciousness and exterior compactness. With a 120'' wheelbase and less than 200'' over-all length, the Marathon affords superb handling in both city traffic and country highways. Yet eight adults can ride in luxurious comfort when the 2 optional fold-away seats are used. 

Standard power plant is an economical 6-cylinder engine developing 140 h.p. and using regular gasoline. For added power and performance, two V-8's are available. Onei s a 283 cu. inch regular fuel engine providing 195 h.p.; the 327 cu. inch model produces 250 h.p.

Creation Year: 1967