ALs to Bradbury and Evans

Charles Dickens
ALs to Bradbury and Evans

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Item No: cdc277201
Title: ALs to Bradbury and Evans
Accession Number: 87-153
Physical Description: [1] page

     49 Champs Elysées, Paris
                Monday Third March 1856
My Dear B and E.
    If you will send up to Tavistock House on Wednesday Morning, your Messenger will find the greater part of No. 6 of Little Dorrit, under cover for you. I will bring the last Chapter with me when I come - which I propose doing, this day week. Walter is my avant-courier tomorrow.
                                                              Faithfully Yours always
                                                                           Charles Dickens

MssDate: Monday Third March 1856
Media Type: Letters
Source: Rare Book Department

An unsuccessful attempt has been made to obliterate "B and E".

Recipient: Bradbury & Evans
Provenance: Hamilton 5/29/57, Matlack


The Letters of Charles Dickens, Pilgrim Edition, Volume Eight, 1856-1858, p. 66.

Country: Country:France
Creation Place Note:49 Champs Elysées

Call Number: DL B726 1856-03-03
Creator Name: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Author

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