Photograph of Dickens Statue in Clark Park

Charles Dickens
Photograph of Dickens Statue in Clark Park

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Item No: cdc102106
Title: Photograph of Dickens Statue in Clark Park
Additional Title: Dickens and Little Nell
Media Type: Illustrations
Source: Rare Book Department

The Dickens and Little Nell statue in Clark Park in West Philadelphia was sculpted by F. Edwin Elwell from a steel etching under commission of Washington newspaper publisher Stilson Hutchins. After the first payment of $1000 Hutchins was unable to complete his agreement and Elwell returned the money and kept the statue. He took it to England where it was greatly admired, but a son of Dickens discovered in his father's will a prohibition against making him the subject of any "monument, memorial or testimonial whatever." It is this clause that for many years prevented other statues from being made. Elwell brought the statue back to the United States and it was exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition where it received a gold medal. In 1901 the Fairmount Park Art Association purchased it for $7500. 

Creation Year: 1890
Call Number: RBD Archives
Creator Name: Elwell, Francis Edwin, 1858-1922 - Illustrator

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