The Two Bombardments of Fort Pickens

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The Two Bombardments of Fort Pickens

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Item No: pdca00007
Title: The Two Bombardments of Fort Pickens
Additional Title: Interior of Fort Pickens; Jan 1, 1862 4 O'Clock P.M.
Creation Date: 2/8/1862
Media Type: Engravings
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Florida, Santa Rose Island, Escambia County - Bombardment of Fort Pickens (built 1829-34) on western tip of island, one of a group of forts built to fortify Pensecola Harbor. One of the largest brick fortsin the U.S., where a small group of men tried to avert or postpone the outbreak of the Civil War. When Florida seceded from the Union, it tried to take over Federal Posts, including Fort Pickens. Federal Commander refused to give it up and the bombardment took place on the 8th of October, 1861 and again on Jan. 1, 1862. Thi simage shows the latter. Fort Pickens remained in the Unions hands throughout the war.


HMI - Civil War 1


Printed in Harpers Weekly. Harper's Weekly, February 8, 1862

Creator Name: Unknown - Artist