Admiral Porter's "Dummy."

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Admiral Porter's

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Item No: pdca00027
Title: Admiral Porter's "Dummy."
Additional Title: Admiral Porters second dummy frightening the Rebels at Vicksburg
Media Type: Engravings
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Illustration showing a phony ironclad made of wood, meant to fool the Confederate batteries on the Mississippi River at Vicksburg into wasting ammunitition trying to sink the dummy vessel. Two flags are flying at either end of the vessel: A scull and crossbones at what appears to be the front, and an American flag at the rear. Black smoke is billowing from two tall chimney stacks and the words "deluded people cave in"  are written on the side of the vessel.


Originally published in Harpers Weekly, v.7, no. 328, p.236 - April 11, 1863

Creation Year: ca. 1863
Creator Name: Unknown - Artist