Port Royal Ferry

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Item No: pdca00037
Title: Port Royal Ferry
Additional Title: Scene of the Battle of Fist January, 1862
Media Type: Engravings
Source: Print and Picture Collection

HMI Civil War 1


Published in Harper's Weekly, January 18th., 1862


Woodcut of Port Royal Ferry, South Carolina, where a battle was fought on January 1, 1862 between the Union forces, under the command of Brig. Gen. I. Stevens and Capt. Rogers, and the Confederate forces commanded by Gens. Gregg and John Pope. The Union forces won the day. Image shows the ferry landing stages on both sides of the water channel. On the near bank soldiers stand with bayonetted rifles, and another sits on the wooden landing where a pontoon boat is moored. Two other men converse in front of a shed located at the water's edge. Rifles are stacked upright in front of the structure. On the far bank other soldiers gather on the earthwork built as a fortification. Behind them, on higher ground, sits a large house surounded by trees.

Creation Year: ca. 1862
Creator Name: Unknown member of the expedition - Artist