Bombardment of port Royal, S.C.

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Bombardment of port Royal, S.C.

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Item No: pdca00053
Title: Bombardment of port Royal, S.C.
Additional Title: Transport Fleet in the Distance
Media Type: Engravings
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Engraving published by Virtue & Co., New York. It depicts federal warships, under Flag Officer Samuel F. DuPont, USN, bombarding Fort Beauregard (at left) and Fort Walker (at right). Troop transports are standing by in the distance. U. S. Navy ships present and identified include (from left): Mohican, Susquehanna, Augusta, Wabash (Flagship), Unadilla, Pawnee, Bienville, Ottawa, Curlew and Seneca.


HMI Civil War 1

Creation Year: ca. 1861
Creator Name: Parsons, Charles, 1821-1910 - Artist
Ridgeway, W. - Engraver