Maj. Gen. John A. Dix. U.S.A.

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Maj. Gen. John A. Dix. U.S.A.

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Item No: pdca00059
Title: Maj. Gen. John A. Dix. U.S.A.
Additional Title: From a Photograph in Possession of his Family.
Media Type: Engravings
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Engraved for the Rebellion Record. New York, G. P. Putnam.

John Adams Dix (July 24th., 1798 - April 21st., 1879) was an American politician from New York. He served as Secretary of the Treasury, U. S. Senator, and the 24th Governor of New York. He was also a Union major general during the Civil War. In this portrait he is dressed in full military uniform.


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Creator Name: Perine, George Edward, 1837-1885 - Engraver