The Loss of the Monitor

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Title: The Loss of the Monitor
Media Type: Engravings
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HMI Civil War 1


Image shows the USS Monitor sinking, with a lifeboat full of men by its side. The ironclad was being towed by the USS Rhode Island (seen in the background) from its base in Hampton Roads to join the blockading forces off the Carolinas, when it began to take on water in heavy seas near Cape Hatteras. In the early hours of December 31st. 1862  the historic  Monitor sank. Sixteen of her crew of sixty-two were lost with her.


Published in "The History of the Civil War in the United States: It's Cause, Origin, Progress and Conclusion" -  Schmucker, Samuel M., 1865.

Creation Year: ca. 1865
Creator Name: Sartain, John, 1808-1897 - Engraver
Hamilton, J. R., active 1852-1866 - Artist