Montgomery Avenue - Villanova, PA

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Item No: pdcm00407a
Title: Montgomery Avenue - Villanova, PA
Additional Title: Clothier House
Creation Date: 4/29/1049
Historic Street Address: 1860 Montgomery Avenue, Villanova, PA
Media Type: Photographic Negatives
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Image created for W. D. Shepherd.

Also known as Clairemont, this beautiful Beaux-Arts house was built by Horace Trumbauer, from 1917-1919, for department store owner Morris L. Clothier.  The estate originally rested on 161 acres.  During the 1950s, the property was subdivided and rezoned for institutional use. In 1959 it became the site of the Northeastern Christian Junior College. Currently, it houses the Foundation for Islamic Education.

Located at: 1860 Montgomery Avenue, Villanova, PA 

Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.338092
Geocode Latitude:40.048259

Creator Name: Parker & Mullikin - Photographer
Trumbauer, Horace, 1868-1938 - Architect