Broad & Spruce Streets - Northeast Corner

Historical Images of Philadelphia Parker & Mullikin Negatives
Broad & Spruce Streets - Northeast Corner

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Item No: pdcm00567
Title: Broad & Spruce Streets - Northeast Corner
Additional Title: Commercial Area
Creation Date: 10/11/1949
Historic Street Address: Broad & Spruce Streets, Northeast corner
Media Type: Photographic Negatives
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Image created for A. M. Greenfield

Businesses shown in photo: Shuberts Bar of Music; Hotel & Club Employees Union (A F of L, local 568). 

The Hotel Stenton originally stood at this location; the demolish date is not known. By 1989 the site existed as a parking lot.   In 1996, The Wilma Theater opened at this location.

Note the entrance to the Broad Street Subway and the Evening Bulletin kiosk.

Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.164573
Geocode Latitude:39.947056

Creator Name: Parker & Mullikin - Photographer