Someome Loves Him

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Item No: PIXC00010
Title: Someome Loves Him
Creation Date: 2/14/1914
Publication Date: 2/14/1914
Media Type: Cartoons (Commentary)
Source: Print and Picture Collection

 Illustration depicts United States Senator Boies Penrose (1860-1921) smiling and holding an opened letter. The message contained forms an acrostic thats spells STANDARD OIL. The cartoon references an alleged $25,000 bribe given to the Senator to protect the interests of the oil monopoly.

[ TRANSCRIPTION OF LETTER ] Sweet Boies, know that thou art the one / That Holds my most undying love / And our hearts beat in unison. / Now let my cer-ti-fi-cate of / Deposit shine forth as the sign / And symbol of our love and joys; / Remain thou mine and I am thine, / Dear Boies, My own dear faithful Boies, / Oh, that my offering would do, / Indeed, to preserve one so true, / Loyal, useful as thou, my Boies. 

Country: Country:United States

Creator Name: Hoopman - Artist