Ithan & Lafayette Road, Rosemont, Penna

Historical Images of Philadelphia Parker & Mullikin Negatives
Ithan & Lafayette Road, Rosemont, Penna

Item Info

Item No: pdcm00657d
Title: Ithan & Lafayette Road, Rosemont, Penna
Additional Title: Large Single Family Residence [Garage]
Creation Date: 2/18/1950
Historic Street Address: Ithan & Lafayette Roads, Rosemont, PA
Media Type: Photographic Negatives
Source: Print and Picture Collection

This 1950 image was created by Parker and Mullikin, for W. D. Shepherd.

 This image shows an exterior, oblique view of a stand-alone garage for single family dwelling at Ithan & Lafayette Roads in Rosemont [Lower Merion], Pennsylvania.  The current status of the building unknown.

Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.306530
Geocode Latitude:40.042936

Creator Name: Parker and Mullikin - Photographer