Schuylkill Arsenal - Greys Ferry Avenue

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Schuylkill Arsenal - Greys Ferry Avenue

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Item No: pdcp00696
Title: Schuylkill Arsenal - Greys Ferry Avenue
Historic Street Address: 2620 Grays Ferry Avenue
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Print and Picture Collection

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From: The Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation. (2009). "Schuylkill Arsenal to Wheeling." Retrieved from: 


Half-tone lithograph showing a young boy outside the compund of the Q.M.C School, once the Schuylkill Arsenal.

"The Schuylkill Arsenal, founded in December of 1799, was located between the north bank of the Schuylkill River and the road to Grays Ferry, facing toward the Delaware River a mile away, and the shipyard where the great frigate Philadelphia was under construction. [...] 

The office, warehouse, storage facilities, wood, metal and mechanical shops of the Schuylkill Arsenal were built of brick. The high wall surrounding it was made of brown stone, penetrated on the front by a wide gate to admit wagons, and elsewhere by smaller gates for pedestrians.
After the war of 1812, Schuylkill Arsenal no longer supplied guns and ammunition to the armed forces, but was committed solely to the manufacture and storage of uniforms and other textile products. During the Civil War, more than 10,000 seamstresses and tailors were hired to make clothing for Union troops. After World War I, operations were moved to new quarters elsewhere in South Philadelphia and renamed the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot. Today the former grounds of the Schuylkill Arsenal are used for storage by the Philadelphia Electric Company."

Creation Year: 1941
Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.187431
Geocode Latitude:39.940656

Creator Name: Evening bulletin (Philadelphia, Pa.) - Lithographer