West Philadelphia Sad Iron Works. [Graphic]

Historical Images of Philadelphia Castner Scrapbook Collection
West Philadelphia Sad Iron Works. [Graphic]

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Item No: pdcc01419
Title: West Philadelphia Sad Iron Works. [Graphic]
Media Type: Engravings
Source: Print and Picture Collection

View of the West Philadelphia Sadiron Works complex, owned by Jospeh L. Keen on Washington Avenue in West Philadelphia. Complex contains several buildings surrounding a courtyard. The larg building on the right is the warehouse adorned with a cuploa. Lower buildings, two of which are identified as the iron foundry and the grinding shop, contain tall chimneys billowing black smoke. Two laborers handle a grinder wheel leaning against the side of a shed-like building in the central courtyard. Other workers are visible going about their various tasks. Two horse-drawn carts travel in front of the fenced complex. One of the two openings in the fence is marked "no admittance."

Creation Year: ca. 1856
Creator Name: Castner, Samuel, Jr., 1843-1929 - Compiler