Falcon on Perch, Sparrow, and Narcissus

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Falcon on Perch, Sparrow, and Narcissus

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Item No: facjp00022
Title: Falcon on Perch, Sparrow, and Narcissus
Media Type: Woodcuts
Source: Print and Picture Collection

"...fasicnation with naturalism is not sufficient to explain the large demand for prints of birds and flowers. An important part was also played by the considerable interest that poets, both of the traditional haiku and, especially from the 1780s on, of the more popular kiyoka, displayed in birds, fish, insects and flowers. In addition, aviaries both reflected and contributed to  the popularity of birds, not only those constructed by many a daimyo or samurai, but also those kept by  some of the larger tea-houses, especially in Edo. ... Hiroshige was thus able to study at first hand even the many foreign birds depicted in his prints. The naturalness of his birds as they fly through the air or perch on a branch is astonishing and the artist's extraordinarily sharp powers of observation are reavealed in his ability to 'freeze' wings in flight."

from, "Hiroshige: Prints and Drawings" by Matthi Forrer. New York, Prestel-Verlag. 1997. pp. 15-16

Notes: Poem: Samuki yo no/ negura no tori no/ nuku me tori/ on o shiranu wa/ hito ni zo arikeru




Creation Year: 1830
Image Dimensions Width: 37 cm
Call Number: Woodblock Prints - Nature Prints
Creator Name: Hiroshige, Utagawa, 1797-1858 - Artist
Kawaguchiya Shôzô - Publisher

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