[Unknown Triptych of Samurai]

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[Unknown Triptych of Samurai]

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Item No: facjp00115
Title: [Unknown Triptych of Samurai]
Media Type: Woodcuts
Source: Print and Picture Collection

This Triptych by Sadahide decpicts a large group of warriors.

"The earliest know work by Sadahide is his illustrations to the first volume of 'Misaogata tsuge no ogushi', published in 1824. His first known actor prints date from 1827, but in his early period Sadahide was quite engaged to design beautiful women. In the 1830's and 1840's he produced pictures of warriors and landscape views. Sdadahide became particularly successful in the late 1860's, after Kunisada's death. His detailed, map-like panoramas of Yokohama with it's harbor and many prints of foreigners like the series 'Foreigners Viewing Famous Placesin Edo' (Edo meisho kenbutsu ijin) demonstrate his individuality."

from "Japanese Woodblock Prints: Artists, Publishers and Masterworks 1680-1900", Andreas Marks. Tuttle Publishing. p.144





Image Dimensions Width: 37.4 cm
Creator Name: Sadahide, Utagawa, 1807-1878 - Artist