[Unknown Samurai]

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Item No: facjp00138
Title: [Unknown Samurai]
Media Type: Woodcuts
Source: Print and Picture Collection

"Biographical information on Kuniyoshi's oldest student, Yoshitora, is scarce. His exact dates are unkown, leaving his works as the only source of information on him. It is unclear at which age Yoshitora joined Kuniyohi's studio but he ultimately became one of his most important students. He followed his teacher and concentrated on warrior prints, beautiful women, and actors, but produced also many humoristic prints."

-from "Japanese Woodblock Prints: Artists, Publishers, and Masterworks, 1680-1900 by Andreas Marks. Tuttle Publishing, Tokyo, 2010. p.146


A samurai sits with a black fan and a bow.

Both "Yoshitora" and "Yoshihide" are written in pencil on the back of the print. Comparison of the artist signature suggests this print was created by Yoshitora.


Image Dimensions Width: 36.4 cm
Creator Name: Yoshitora, Utagawa, 1836-1882 - Artist