"The Park Keeper"

Children's Literature

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Item No: clrc000152
Title: "The Park Keeper"
Material: graphite, ink on paper
Transcription: The Park Keeper If Neptune truly rules the sea, and keeps it clean and blue, the man who guards our ponds must be a kind of Neptune too. He marches round and round the brink, superior and bland; but alas! our vessels sink. He never lends a hand. His look is almost kind (for him!) when ducks are fed, but when poor Rover ventures in to swim, "Now then!" he shouts, "Now then!" I can't imagine why his way is so across-the-grained, with sailing races every day to keep him entertained. Ernest H. Shepard
Media Type: Illustrations
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection
Image Dimensions Width: 36.5 cm
Creator Name: Shepard, Ernest, 1879-1976 - Artist