"Oh, Well Bring On Your Old Campaign!"

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Title: "Oh, Well Bring On Your Old Campaign!"
Additional Title: "Oh, Well Bring On Your Old Campaign!"
Media Type: Cartoons (Commentary)
Source: Print and Picture Collection

"In reporting their current position, the Democrats revealed that they were still $707,054 in the red, of which $295,250 came from Chairman John Jacob Raskob. During the last three months Mr. Raskob has increased his party's debt to him by $40,000. These figures caused the Republican National Committee to remark through the convenient mouth of West Virginia's Senator Hatfield: 'Mr. Raskob is steadily increasing the size of the mortgage which he holds on the once proud party of Jefferson....'"

  • "Political Notes: Mortgage v. Strangle Hold." TIME 22 June 1931. Print.

"Another suggestion that Democrats avoid straddling and adopt a definite 1932 platform on controversial subjects--including prohibition--was before that party today in a letter from Chairman Raskob of the national committee."

  • "Democratic Party Leader Wants More Definite Platform." The Stanford Daily 7 Apr. 1931, Vol. 75, No. 27: 1. Print.


Created for Evening Public Ledger, date unknown.

Creator Name: Sykes, Charles Henry, 1882-1942 - Artist