Puss In Boots

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Item No: pixc00333
Title: Puss In Boots
Additional Title: Puss In Boots
Media Type: Cartoons (Commentary)
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Created for Evening Public Ledger, date unknown.


Long at odds with the "new Tammany," [John Curry] was elected by his colleagues to lead Tammany Hall in 1929, with the backing of Mayor James J. Walker and powerful Tammany politician James J. Hines.... His fatal mistake was to try to block the nominations of Franklin D. Roosevelt for president and Herbert H. Lehman for governor in 1932.  In the following year the mayoral candidate whom he backed, John P. O'Brien, was defeated; Curry was himself ousted from the leadership of Tammany Hall in 1934.

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Creator Name: Sykes, Charles Henry, 1882-1942 - Artist