Laurel Hill

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Item No: pdcp00802
Title: Laurel Hill
Additional Title: Laurel Hill (Cemetery)
Historic Street Address: 3822 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Print and Picture Collection

 Gift of Evan Randolph, 1960.  Transferred from the Rare Books Department 12/96. 


 This "home for the dead" is situated on the Ridge Road, about three miles from the city, and upon the banks of the river Schuylkill.  It was commenced by a worthy association of gentlemen in 1836, who have procured an act of incorporation for the better furturance of their purpose.  ...One of the first objects which the public-spirited managers had in view, was to procure a spot neither so near the city as to be in danger of encroachments by new buildings and streets, nor yet so far as to present an obstacle, in the time which must be employed at a funeral pace in reaching it.  Beauty of location and a suitable soli were also to be consulted; with these views it was a long time before a proper place could be selected; all the requisites have been combined at Laurel Hill, and among them not the least in our view is the perfect adaptation of the site to its designed object in regard to scenery.
In the second place it was determined to divest the Cemetary of all objects tending unnecessarily to sadden the heart or cast a gloomy feeling over the mind.  In the separation from near and dear relatives and friends, we experience sufficient sorrow without the concomitants of a damp solitude, neglected tombs, or crowded walks.
- Ezra Holden, Views of Philadelphia and Its Vicinity, 1838


William Croome (1790-1860)
William Croome trained in Boston under Abel Bowen and lived in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  In the 1840s Croome was a mature artist and one of America's most busy, designing banknotes, creating covers for Crockett's Alamanacs, and producing illustrations for books. 


Steel engraving by A.W. Graham for Godey's Ladies Book, published in Philadelphia, 1844. 

Creation Year: 1844
Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.187555
Geocode Latitude:40.004196

Creator Name: Croome, William, 1790-1860 - Artist
Graham, A. W. - Engraver