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Item No: c110281
Title: Vim
Additional Title: Vim, The Universal Cleanser and Polisher
Series: Tradecard
Media Type: Tradecards

 "Vim, a powder for cleaning and polishing. Vim, for polishing all things made of metal. Vim, for cleaning marble, paint, floors, linoleum, kitchen utensils. Vim, a pure, odourless cleanser of great power. Vim, sprinkle a little on your brush when scrubbing floors or kitchen-tables. Vim, supersedes soap. Vim, the handiest and most rapid of all cleaning and polishing preparations. Vim, in round boxes with sifting tops. Sold by all grocers and oilmen. The name Lever on Vim is a guarantee of purity and excellence." -- Verso of card.


 1 trade card : 18 x 10 cm.


 Trade card for Vim cleanser. Recto: round canister of Vim pouring cleanser. Blue and yellow on white card. Verso: text. Black on white card.

Sirsi Catalog Key: 1314967
Call Number: c110280

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