Gatling gun

Centennial Exhibition
Gatling gun

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Item No: c110271
Title: Gatling gun
Additional Title: Gatling Gun Company
Series: Tradecard
Media Type: Tradecards

 "The Gatling gun. As a practical military machine gun, the Gatling has no equal. It fires from 800 to 1,000 shots per minute, has great accuracy, and the larger calibres have an effective range of over two miles. The following calibres are made: .42, .43, .45, .50, .55, .65, .75, and one inch. It has been adopted by nearly all the principal governments of the world." -- Verso of card.


 1 trade card : 7 x 11 cm.


Exhibit title: Gatling, Richard J., Hartford, Conn., Exhibition #1233, Main Exhibition Building, Bldg. #1.


Trade card for Gatling Gun. Recto: Gatling gun. Verso: text. Black on white card.

Sirsi Catalog Key: 1314965
Call Number: c110270

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