Lifebuoy soap

Centennial Exhibition
Lifebuoy soap

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Item No: c110221
Title: Lifebuoy soap
Additional Title: Lifebuoy soap
Media Type: Tradecards

 "Rescue yourself and others from contagion and disease by using Lifebuoy royal disinfectant soap. Destroys all microbes and disease germs. Cleans, purifies and sweetens the house. Lifebuoy soap. Makes health infectious! Cleans and disinfects at the same time." -- Verso.


 1 trade card : 11 x 15 cm.


 Trade card for Lifebuoy soap. Recto: box of Lifebuoy royal disinfectant in a life preserver at sea. Partial figure of man in slicker looks on. Ships in background. Chromolithograph. Verso: text. Black ink on white paper.

Sirsi Catalog Key: 1314962
Call Number: c110220

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