Centennial Exhibition 1876 Philadelphia Scrapbook

Centennial Exhibition
Centennial Exhibition 1876 Philadelphia Scrapbook

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Item No: c190007
Title: Centennial Exhibition 1876 Philadelphia Scrapbook
Additional Title: A Time To Remember One's Relations.
Series: Scrapbook
Media Type: Scrapbooks

"A Time to Remember One's Relations," cartoon by Frederick Burr Opper from the Centennial Exhibition 1876 Philadelphia Scrapbook, vol. 1. 


Text from page: 
SPOKESMAN OF VISITING PART. -- "You are Mr. Smith, I believe.  I'm a Smith, and I know you must be a relative. I found your address in the dir [text missing].  I knew you'd like me and my wife and the children, and Parson Johnson, and our hired man and the girl and a few friends to stop with you now we've c [text missing] Centennial."  
TERRIFIED HOUSEHOLDER. -- "Sorry you'r disappointed, sir, but Mr. Smith moved away two months ago.  My name is Jones." 
VISITOR. -- "Oh, this is a pleasure.  My grandmother's uncle's aunt was a Jones.  You must be a near and dear forty-ninth cousin. We must stay [text missing] month with you to cultivate the relationship."

Creator Name: Opper, Frederick Burr, 1857-1937