Religious Text for Elizabeth Barnes

Religious Text for Elizabeth Barnes

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Item No: frk00504
Title: Religious Text for Elizabeth Barnes
Creation Date: 1/28/1752
Scripts/Text: Roman script
Language: English
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Laid paper; ink

The Decalogue

[in center]
God speaks \ these words & Said \ I am the Lor d thy God \ thou shalt have none \ other God but me
II \ Thou shalt not make to thyself \ any graven any graven image nor the like \ of anything that is in the ear \ th beneath, or in the water under the earth thou shalt \ not bow down thyself to them, nor \ worship them for [ill.] I am a je[a]lous God & \ vi[ill.] the sins of the fathers \ is upon the Children unto \ the third and fourth genera \ tion of them that love me \ & shew mercy unto thou= \ sands, in them that love \ me & keep my command \ ments
III \ Thou shalt not take the name of \ the Lord thy God in vain for the \ Lord will not hold him guil= \ tless that taketh his name in vain.
IV \ Remember that thou keep holy \ the Sabbath day Six days 6 days \ shalt thou labour & do all \ [ill.] thou hast to do but the \ seventh day is the Sabbath \ of the Lord thy God in it thou \ shalt not do manner of wo= \ rk, thou nor thy son nor thy daughter \ thy man Servant \ thy cattle & the Stranger \ that is within thy gates for \ in six days the Lord made \ heaven and earth & sea & \ all that in them is wherefore \ the Lord blessed the day and \ hallowed it.
V \ Honour thy father & thy \ mother that thy days may be \ long upon the Land which the \ Lord thy God giveth the[e].
VI \ Thou shalt do not murther.
VII \ Thou halt not commit adultery.
VIII \ Thou shalt not steal.
IX \ Thou shalt not bear false \ witness against thy neighbor.
X \ Thou shal[t] not covet they [sic] \ neighbours house, thou \ shalt not covet thy neigh= \ bour's wife, nor his \ servant nor his ma[i]ds nor \ his ox, nor his ass nor \ any thing that is his.
Elizabeth \ Barnes her [text breaks off]

[at left]
The Lords Prayer
Our \ Father which art in \ heaven hallowed be \ thy name thy kingdom \ come thy will be don[e] in ear= \ th as it is in heaven give us \ this day our debts as we \ forgive our debtors and \ and lead us not into tempta= \ tion but deliver us from \ evil for thine is the \ kingdom and the power \ and the glory, for \ ever Amen.

[at right]
The Apostles’ Creed
I \ believe \ in God the fa= \ ther almighty, maker of heaven \ & earth, & in Jesus \ Christ his only Son \ our Lord who was \ conc[e]ived by the holy \ g[h]ost born of the Virgin \ Mary suffered under \ pontius pilate was cru= \ cified d[i]ed & buried he des= \ cended into hell the third \ Day He rose again from the \ dead. He ascended into hea= \ ven & sits at the right \ hand of God the Father al= \ mighty from thence he \ shall come to Judge the \ quick & the dead I belie= \ ve in the holy g[h]ost the \ holy Catholic Ch= \ urch, the commu \ nion of Saints \ the forgiven \ of sins \ etc

[below the tablets]
Thos Say, Jan: 28th, 1752

Category: Religious Text
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-drawn; hand-lettered. In the center of the document, which is arched at the top, are two tablets with the Ten Commandments and a name. To its left is the Lord's Prayer within a circular frame. To the right is the Apostle's Creed within an oval frame. The other name and date are below the tablets. In the lower corners are grapevines. Along the upper border are small rosettes and winged angelheads. The entire item is framed by a decorative border. 

Associated Names: Say, Thomas
Creation Place State/Province: State/Province:Unknown

Image Dimensions Width: 14.7 cm
ShelfMark: FLP 504
Creator Name: Thomas Say (?-?) - Decorator
Thomas Say (?-?) - Scrivener

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