Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Johannes Hüffendraer

Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Johannes Hüffendraer

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Item No: frk00506
Title: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Johannes Hüffendraer
Scripts/Text: Fraktur
Language: German
Weiser Number: 372
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Laid paper; watercolor; ink

Tauf und Geburts Schein
Diesen beyden Ehegatten als Daniel Hüffen \ draer und seiner Ehelichen Hausfrau Catharina eine \ gebohrne Manggold ist ein Sohn zur Welt gebohren \ im Jahr unsers HERRN JESU 1806 den 21ten \ October und ist getauft worden im jahr 1806 den 31ten Ober \ vom E. W. H. Herren G. Räller Prediger und \ Diener des Worts Gottes nach Christi Befehl Math \ 28 c. v 19. Wobey ihm der namen Johannes gegeben \ ward; die Taufzeugen sind Christophus Sachs und \ Magdalena Sachs. Dieser Sohn ist gebohren und ge= \ tauft in Lormilfort Taunschip in Bucks Caunty \ in Nord America


Baptismal and Birth Certificate
To these two married people namely Daniel Hüffendraer and his lawful wife Catharina, a born Manggold, a son was born into the world in the year of our Lord Jesus 1806, the 21st of October, and was baptized in the year 1806, the 31st of October, by E. W. H. Mister G. Räller, preacher and servant of God’s Word according to Christ’s command, Matthew 28:19, when the name Johannes was given to him. The sponsors are Christophus Sachs and Magdalena Sachs. This son was born and baptized in Lower Milford Township, Bucks County, in North America.

Category: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein)
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

hand-drawn; hand-colored; hand-lettered. The title in Fraktur is along the upper border. The main text in Fraktur is within an arched frame in the center of the document. The frame is decorated with a checkered pattern as well as leafy, flowering vines. In the upper center is a heart that is pierced by an arrow. A container with a flame is on top of it.

Associated Names: Sachs, Magdalena
Provenance: Henry S. Borneman


"Anthony Rehm" in Russell D. and Corinne P. Earnest, Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners (East Berlin, Pa.: Russell D. Earnest Associates, 1997), 2nd ed., vol. 2, p. 637.

Creation Place Town/Township: Creation Place Note:Based on location of birth
City/Town/Township:Lower Milford Township

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): ca. 1825
Image Dimensions Width: 20 cm
ShelfMark: FLP 506
Creator Name: [Anthony Rehm (?-?)] - Decorator
[Anthony Rehm (?-?)] - Scrivener

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