Blackall Tattoo - Bear Walking

Children's Literature
Blackall Tattoo - Bear Walking

Item Info

Item No: clrc000468
Title: Blackall Tattoo - Bear Walking
Material: temporary tattoo (modified acrylic, styrene-acrylate, silicone dioxide, acrylic resin, pigment, polycarbonate resin, modified starch, dextrin)
Transcription: Caldecott Committee 2016
Media Type: Ephemera
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection
Provenance: Gift of Sophie Blackall to Rachel Payne, Chair of the 2016 Randolph Caldecott Award committee, 2016; Gift of Payne to the members of the 2016 Randolph Caldecott Award Committee, 2016; Gift of Jill Bellomy, Randolph Caldecott Committee Member and Jennifer Ralston, Randolph Caldecott Caldecott Committee member, 2016

Creation Year (Single Year or Earliest Date): ca. 2016
Image Dimensions Width: 6.7 cm
Call Number: Blackall Tattoo
Creator Name: Blackall, Sophie 1970- - Artist

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