Would you be a doctor quickly (Willst Du bald ein Doctor werden)

Would you be a doctor quickly (Willst Du bald ein Doctor werden)

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Item No: frk00532
Title: Would you be a doctor quickly (Willst Du bald ein Doctor werden)
Creation Date: 3/14/1796
Scripts/Text: Fraktur; German script
Language: German
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Laid paper; watercolor; ink

Wilt Du Balt Ein Doctor Werden \ Ohne Grose müh Kanst Du alle Kunst auf Erden, daß \ [def.] in wenig stunden, in dem a b c gefunden, wie Du siehest hier, 2. A Sol alle \ Ding verlassen, Boßheit spricht daß B. c das Creutz mit freuden fassen, \ Demuth gibt das d. E. führt in daß Ewige leben, f die freud im Yen geben, gedult \ gibt das g. 3. H gebürth heilig zu leben, I. in Brünstig seyn, K. kein kurtze \ Worte geben, L liebt gott allein, M Sol mässig sein und Bleiben, N mit \ [def.] vertreiben, O ohn falschheit seyn, \ 4. P die pflicht der Lieb zu halten, \ [def.] seyn, R ein reines Hertz zu haben, S. in Sanftmuth seyn \ [def.] unterthänig hören, W soll wachtsam seyn, \ [def.] als er sich zu \ Gott hin \ [def.] wird endlich nah ehrlösen \ von der Zeit und allem Bö \ [def.] aus gefahr, \ Z daß a b c am ende, auch Bedeit die Zeit, die sich wie ein \ [def.] hin wende nach der Ewigkeit, Du solt auch das zeitlich Meiden, und Dich \ auf die straß bereiten nach der Ewigkeit, kanst Du Die buchstaben nicht \ Alle sagen auf einmahl will ich dir den inhalt sagen, sie mitten ihn der \ Zahl die Buchstaben heißen zu samen, Liebe Gott allein, fasse Dieses recht \ zu samen, tieff ins hertz hin ein, hast du dieses wohl verstanden, so kanst Du in \ allen Landen, der beste Doctor sein.

[below the music]
Soviel von mir Jacob Beudel Man im Jahr unsers Herrn \ [def.] 1796 d. 14 ten Mertz 


[1.] Would you be a doctor quickly without great effort? You can do all skills on earth, so that [you never lack anything. That means] much in few hours found in the abc’s, as you see here.
2. A shall leave all things, evil speaks the B, C the cross with joy held on to, humility gives the D, E leads to eternal life, F gives joy to the heart, patience gives the G.
3. H enjoins to live holy, I to be fervent, K gives short words, L loves God alone, M shall be and remain moderate, N pass [the time profitably], O to be without falsehood.
4. P to have the obligation of love, [Q shall be resourceful], R to have a pure heart, S to be in gentleness, [T shall be virtuous in learning, U shall] submissively hear, W shall be alert,
[5. X Xerxes well understood who was the king,] As he turned to God, [Loved him openly, He] will finally redeem him From the time and all evil, [Rescue] out of danger.
[6.] Z at the end of the ABC’s also means the time which turns to eternity. You shall avoid the temporal and prepare yourself on the road to eternity.
[7.] If you cannot say all the letters at once, I want to tell you the content briefly and all at once, in the midst of their number.
[8.] Together the letters mean love God alone; get this together rightly deep into your heart. If you have understood this well so you can be in all lands the best doctor.

[below the music]
So much from me, Jacob Beudelman, in the year of your Lord [def.] 1796, the 14th of March.

Category: Religious Text
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-drawn; hand-colored; hand-lettered. The first line in prominent Fraktur and the remainder of the text in German script extend across the entire document. Along the upper edge are several decorative spirals. Between the main text and the name and date is music. The text, with slight variations, can also be found in FLP 325.

Associated Names: Beudelman, Jacob
Provenance: Henry S. Borneman

Creation Place State/Province: Creation Place Note:Based on design characteristics

Image Dimensions Width: 20.1 cm
ShelfMark: FLP 532
Creator Name: Jacob Beudelman (?-?) - Decorator
Jacob Beudelman (?-?) - Scrivener

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