Religious Text for Magdalena Meyer (Singing lies on my mind [Singen liegt mir im Sinn])

Religious Text for Magdalena Meyer (Singing lies on my mind [Singen liegt mir im Sinn])

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Item No: frk00387
Title: Religious Text for Magdalena Meyer (Singing lies on my mind [Singen liegt mir im Sinn])
Creation Date: 2/23/1819
Scripts/Text: Fraktur
Language: German
Weiser Number: 986
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Wove paper; watercolor; ink

Singen liegt \ Mir im Sinn, Jetzunde Muß ich Trauren \ gedencken wer ich bin, \ N2 Ach wie arme Creatur, gemacht aus staub \ und asche, Armselig von Natur, \ N3 Ach was hilfft mich mein schöner Tisch, darauf gut \ gessen und Trincken wanns mir nicht Nützlich ist ; \ N4 Ach was hilfft mich mein schönes kleid, darinnen \ Ich mich Thu tragen, hoffarth bringt hertzeleid, \ N5 Ach was hilfft mir mein schönes Haus: darinn \ Mein Freud und Wohnung ist, der Tod bringt mich hinaus, \ N6 Ach Mein Armes weib und kind, die Thun so \ bitterlich weynen, weil ich so sterblich bin ; \ Ach Tod ach Tod, du Thust mit deinem Ruffen, \ daß mir der Schweiß bricht aus, 
Magdalena Meyer 1819 d. 23ten Februarius


Singing lies on my mind; now I must mournfully think of who I am.
No. 2 Oh, what a poor creature, made of dust and ashes, impoverished by nature.
No. 3 Oh, how can my pretty table help me, on which is good eating and drinking, if it is not useful to me?
No. 4 Oh, how can my pretty clothes help me, that I wear? Haughtiness brings pain of heart.
No. 5 Oh, how can my pretty house help me, in which is my joy and home? Death brings me out of it.
No. 6 Oh, my poor wife and child, they cry so bitterly, because I am so mortal.
Oh death, oh death, with your call, you cause me to break out in sweat.

Magdalena Meyer, 1819, the 23rd of February.

Category: Religious Text
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-drawn; hand-colored; hand-lettered. The text in Fraktur extends across the document. In the upper center is a rosette, and in the upper corners are two additional rosettes and two birds. They are perched on two leafy stems of flowers that extend along the sides to the bottom. The entire document is enclosed by a decorative border.

Associated Names: Meyer, Magdalena
Provenance: Henry S. Borneman

Creation Place State/Province: Creation Place Note:Based on design characteristics

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Creator Name: Anonymous - Decorator
Anonymous - Scrivener

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