Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Jacob Keller

Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Jacob Keller

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Item No: frk01085
Title: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Jacob Keller
Scripts/Text: Fraktur
Language: German
Weiser Number: 396
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Wove paper; watercolor; ink

Diesen Beyden Ehegatten Als \ Basch Keller Und seiner \ Ehelichen Hausfrau Freny \ Gebohrne Sengerin Ist ein Sohn \ Zur welt gebohren Den 1ten Tag \ Jenuary Im Jahr Unsers Herrn \ 1838 Diesen Sohn Ist Gebohren \ In derry Taunschip In Dauphin \ Caunty Im Staate Pennsylvania \ In Nord=america; Und Erhielt Durch \ Die Heil Taufe Den Namen \ Jacob Den 24th Tag Septem \ ber Im Jahr 1838 Von dem Ehrw \ Herrn Pfr Henrich G. Stecher \ Die Tauf=zeugen waren Vater \ Und Mutter \ Diesen Knaben Ist \ Getauft Worden in \ Hummelstaun in Der \ Zions Kirche \ Von Dem oben \ Gemelten Pfarr \ Herrn

Gemacht Bey \ Michael Stucke \ Anno 1839


To these two married people namely Basch Keller and his lawful wife Freny, born Sengerin, a son was born into the world on the 1st day of January in the year of our Lord 1838. This son was born in Derry Township, in Dauphin County, in the state of Pennsylvania, in North America, and received through the holy baptism the name Jacob on the 24th day of September in the year 1838 from the honorable Mister Pastor Henrich G. Stecher. The sponsors were father and mother. This boy was baptized in Hummelstown, in the Zion Church, from the above mentioned Pastor.

Made by Michael Stucke, Anno 1839.

Category: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein)
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-drawn; hand-colored; hand-lettered. The central text in Fraktur is within a frame in the center of the document. It is flanked by two large inward-facing angels with lyres, one holding a wreath and the other a bird. A putto, with a trumpet and a letter, lounges on clouds in the upper center. In each of the lower corners are two birds perched on a leafy branch. The decorative elements in this Fraktur are hand-drawn versions of images that appear frequently in letterpress printed Frakturs. See, for example, birth and baptismal certificates from the print shops of Johann Ritter, Heinrich B. Sage, and Arnold Puwelle, all located in Reading, PA, and Henrich Ebner of Allentown, PA.  This is the only known example of Stucke's work.

Associated Names: Stucke, Michael

"Michael Stucke"  in Russell D. and Corinne P. Earnest, Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners (East Berlin, Pa.: Russell D. Earnest Associates, 1997), 2nd ed., vol. 1, p. 750.

Creation Place Town/Township: Creation Place Note:Based on location of birth
City/Town/Township:Derry Township

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1839
Image Dimensions Width: 40.8 cm
ShelfMark: FLP 1085
Creator Name: Michael Stucke (?-?) - Decorator
Michael Stucke (?-?) - Scrivener

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