A Nosegay from Spenser

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A Nosegay from Spenser

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Item No: clrc000912
Title: A Nosegay from Spenser
Language: Middle English
Material: Ink, Gouache, Watercolor, and Graphite on Paper (est.)
Transcription: A Nosegay from Spencer / Bring hether the pincke / and purple cullambine, / with gellifloures / Bring hether coronations / and sops-in-wine / Worne of paramoures, / Sow mee the ground / with daffadowndillies / and cowslips and king- / cups and loved lillies / The pretie paunee, / And the chevisaunce, / Shall match with the fayre floure delice. / Spenser [on bottom in graphite ] Age 16
Translation: A Nosegay from Spencer / Bring hither the pink / and purple columbine, / with gilliflowers / Bring hither coronations / and sops-in-wine / Worn of paramours / Sow me the ground with daffadowndillies / And cowslips and king- / cups, and loved lilies / The pretty pawnee / And the chevisaunce, / Shall match with the fair flower delice / Spencer
Media Type: Illustrations
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection

The poem is from Spencer's The Shepherd's Calendar (1579)

Item featured in the exhibition, Garden Variety:  An Arrangement of Exceptional Art, Parkway Central Library Special Collection Corridor, February 29 - March 16, 2020 (Early closure due to COVID-19 Pandemic).

Provenance: Gift of Katherine Milhous

Creation Year (Single Year or Earliest Date): ca. 1905
Image Dimensions Width: 37.1 cm
Creator Name: Lichten, Frances, 1889-1961 - Artist
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599 - Author