Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Alberty Aaron Arndt


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Item No: frk01206
Title: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Alberty Aaron Arndt
Scripts/Text: Fraktur; Roman print; Roman script
Language: English
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Wove paper; watercolor; ink

Alberty Aaron \ a Son of Jacob, and \ Maria Arndt, was born in \ the Borough of Manheim, \ in Lancaster County, Pennsyl= \ vania, on the 15th day of March \ 1835, and was Baptized by \ Mr. Shaffner, on the 16th \ day of August, 1835. his sponsors \ were his own parents. 

[in the circular frames in corners, starting in upper left]
Evang: \ MATHAEI \ XIX, \ 13-15
Evang: \ MATHAEI \ XVIII, \ 1-5
Evang: \ JOHANNIS \ XVII – 24
Evang: \ JOHANNIS \ 1-29

[below image]
H. Keyser 1841
Lith. de G. Engelmann

Category: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein)
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-colored; hand-lettered; lithographed form. The main text in Roman script, with several letters in Fraktur, is within a rectangular frame in the center of the document. Bible citations within wreaths are in the four corners. The main text is flanked by an image of Jesus on the cross on the left, and Jesus rising up to heaven on the right. In the upper center is an image of Jesus talking to the people. In the lower center is an image of several people being baptized by John. For the birth and baptismal certificates of three of Alberty Aaron's siblings, see FLP 559, FLP 1204, and FLP 1205.


Heinrich Keyser infilled six known copies of this printed Alsatian form in 1841, four of them for the Arndt family.  In 1845, he infilled two closely-related certificates, which were produced by an unidentified printer copying the Alsatian model.  See FLP 741 for an example of this form.

Associated Names: Shaffner

"Heinrich Keyser" in Russell D. and Corinne P. Earnest, Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners (East Berlin, Pa.: Russell D. Earnest Associates, 1997), 2nd ed., vol. 1, pp. 441-442.

Klaus Stopp, The Printed Birth and Baptismal Certificates of the German Americans (East Berlin, Pa.: Russell D. Earnest Associates, 1998) vol. 6, pp. 168-169.

Secondary Place Town/Township: Geographic Coverage State/Province:Pennsylvania
Geographic Coverage City/Town/Township:Manheim
Geographic Coverage Note:Based on location of birth
Geographic Coverage Region/County:Lancaster

Creation Place Town/Township: Creation Place Note:Based on location of printshop

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): ca. 1838
Image Dimensions Width: 26.9 cm
ShelfMark: FLP 1206
Creator Name: Anonymous - Decorator
Heinrich Keyser (active c. 1810-1856) - Scrivener
Godefroy Engelmann (1788-1839) - Lithographer

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