The "Proposed" New Homes for the Poor of Philadelphia

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Item No: pdcp01113
Title: The "Proposed" New Homes for the Poor of Philadelphia
Historic Street Address: Columbia Place and Joralemon Street (Brooklyn, NY)
Historic Street Address: Joralemon and Furman Streets (Brooklyn, NY)
Media Type: Engravings
Source: Print and Picture Collection

This image shows an illustration and floor plan for the Riverside Buildings, in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY.  They were built in 1890 by urban reformer/philanthropist Alfred T. White, as low-cost housing for New York's working poor.  As the text of this image states, the plans were considered as a possible model for public housing for poor families in Philadelphia.  Apparently, the proposal for this particular design must have been rejected, as these buildings were not built in Philadelphia.

Although this image is undated, it is possible that this proposal was considered after Mr. White appeared as a guest panelist at a National Housing Association conference, held in Philadelphia in December, 1912.  Since one of the the topics the conference dealt with was question of providing better housing conditions for poor workingmen, White's Riverside Buildings plans may have prompted some interest.