Tony Sarg's Suprise Book - Opening

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Tony Sarg's Suprise Book - Opening

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Item No: clrc001236
Title: Tony Sarg's Suprise Book - Opening
Additional Title: Tony Sarg's Surprise Book
Language: English
Material: Ink on Paper, Comb binding
Transcription: Once upon a time there was a little lady, who loved flowers, but lived in a big city where people use the ground for buildings, subways, lamp-posts, streets and things like that. Nevertheless, she found a little patch of earth in her backyard and planted some seeds. Everybody laughed, even the man next door, who said nothing ever grew up in the big city except people. But the little lady worked hard on her little patch of garden. Her neighbors shook their heads and said she was just contrary. But lo, when summer came and the sun was high enough in the sky to reach into her little back yard, there were two wonderful rows of flowers. Once of them looked like lovely maidens all in a row - the others were little silver bells, just like the bells in the church across the street. Everybody came to see Mistress Mary's Garden, including Mother Goose, who wrote this little verse, which you may have heard before - "Mistress Mary quite contrary How does your garden grow? With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells and Pretty maids all in a row." Everybody was amazed to see the lovely flowers, and insisted on smelling them. Why don't you try smelling them too? [next page] "Smell These Pretty Flowers"
Media Type: Books
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection

This item was featured in the exhibition, Our Five Senses, Parkway Central Library, William B. Dietrich Gallery, May 2019-November 2019.


Sarg, Tony. Tony Sarg's Surprise Book: Look, Listen, Smell, Taste and Feel. New York City:  Jay Publishing Company, [1941]. 

Creation Year (Single Year or Earliest Date): 1941
Image Dimensions Width: 27.2 cm