Sanderson - Five Nests - Pages 4 - 5

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Sanderson - Five Nests - Pages 4 - 5

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Item No: clrc00131
Title: Sanderson - Five Nests - Pages 4 - 5
Additional Title: Five Nests
Language: English
Material: graphite, tape, ink on paper
Transcription: Blue 75 yellow 105 black 45 sr 11/9/79 "Five Nests" / Arnold 4 5 A. "Five Nests" Ruth Sanderson P.O. Box 20 Wallingford, Ct 06492 black halftone dropout / same size Page No. 4-5 ill. No. 804160 Black Do. H.T. 6 SS %
Media Type: Illustrations
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection

The eggs featured in this illustration are: rheas (rhea americana or rhea pennata), bottom left; Mexican jays (aphelocoma wollweberi), middle left;  American robins (turdus migratorius), top left; redwing blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus), top right; cowbirds (molothrus), middle right. 

Provenance: Gift of Ruth Sanderson, 2017


Arnold, Caroline, Five Nests (New York: E.P Dutton, 1980).

Creation Year (Single Year or Earliest Date): ca. 1979
Image Dimensions Width: 29.2 cm
Call Number: Arnold - Five Nests
Creator Name: Sanderson, Ruth, 1951- - Artist