Temperance Puzzle - verso

Children's Literature
Temperance Puzzle - verso

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Item No: clrc001333
Title: Temperance Puzzle - verso
Language: English
Material: Ink on Paper
Transcription: We offer a Prize of $100 in Gold For the first (most correct) answer to our Puzzle, received before the 4th of July, 1875, at any of the fifty stores of The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co, an organization of capitalists formed for the purpose of importing and selling Teas direct to consumers at one small profit only. Depots in all the principal cities of the United States.
Media Type: Ephemera
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection
Creation Year (Single Year or Earliest Date): ca. 1875
Image Dimensions Width: 5.7 cm
Call Number: Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. - Temperance Puzzle
Creator Name: Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company - Manufacturer

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