Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Isaac Eigner [Egner]

Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Isaac Eigner [Egner]

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Item No: frk00045
Title: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Isaac Eigner [Egner]
Scripts/Text: Fraktur
Language: German
Weiser Number: 314
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Laid paper; watercolor; ink
Watermark: C H

Diesen beiden Ehegaten als Daniel Egner und seiner \ Ehlichen Hausfrau Christina eine gebohrne \ Steinningerin, ist ein Sohn zur Welt geboren Namens \ Isaac Egner im Jahr Christi 1809: den 25: Tag \ Januarius um 3: Uhr Morgens. Dieser Isaac \ Eigner ist geboren und getauft in America, im \ Staat Pennsylvanien, in Northampton County, \ und in Ober: Saccon Taunschip: Obengemeldter \ Isaac Eigner ist getauft worden den 31: Tag \ April 1809: von Herrn Henrich Heyni Lutherischer \ Prediger. Tauf=zeugen waren Johannes Weber und \ deßen Ehefrau Eva.

[in oval frame below]
Wann mein Stündlein \ vor Handen ist und ich soll \ fahren meine Straß, so \ leit du mich Herr \ Jesu Christ

[in oval frame above]
Laß dein Engel mit \ mir fahren auf Elias \ wagen roth, und meine \ Seele wohl bewaren.


To these two married people, namely Daniel Egner and his lawful wife Christina, a born Steinningerin, a son was born into the world, named Isaac Egner in the year of Christ 1809, the 25th day of January at 3 o’clock in the morning. This Isaac Eigner was born and baptized in America, in the state of Pennsylvania, in Northampton [now Lehigh] County, and in Upper Saucon Township. Above mentioned Isaac Eigner was baptized on the 31st of April 1809 by Mister Henrich Heyni, Lutheran preacher. Sponsors were Johannes Weber and his lawful wife Eva.

[in oval frame below]
When my hour has come and I am asked to go on my way, you, Jesus Christ shall guide me.

[in oval frame above]
Let your angels go with me in Elias’s chariot of fire und preserve my soul.

Category: Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein)
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-drawn; hand-colored; hand-lettered. The main text in Fraktur is within rectangular frame at center of document, with baptismal verses within oval frames flanked by large tulips above and below and a shield flanking either side. Large rosettes are in the four corners. The family’s surname is variously spelled Egner and Eigner.

Associated Names: Weber, Johannes
Provenance: Henry S. Borneman


“Martin Brechall” in Russell D. and Corinne P. Earnest, Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners (East Berlin, Pa.: Russell D. Earnest Associates, 1997), 2nd ed., vol. 1, pp. 117-123.

Creation Place Town/Township: Creation Place Note:Based on location of birth
City/Town/Township:Upper Saucon Township

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): ca. 1810
ShelfMark: FLP 45
Creator Name: [Martin Brechall (c. 1757-1831)] - Decorator
[Martin Brechall (c. 1757-1831)] - Scrivener

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