Free Our Mamas 2020

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Item No: hbp001047
Title: Free Our Mamas 2020
Media Type: Prints (Visual Works)
Source: Rare Book Department

Free Our Mamas! Sisters! Queens!

A Project by the People's Paper Co-op


People's Paper Co-Op Fellows 2016-2020:

Faith Bartley (Lead Fellow), Aesha Barnett, Val Bell, Rusty Bentley, Carmelita Bird, Evonia Bivens, Latyra Blake (Peer Mentor), Jonquil Brown, Catherine Brown, Toni Brown, Antoinette Carter, Crystal, Kelly Conway, Hakima Cooper, Kerri DeLeo, Jamila Harris, Stephanie Jackson, Kitty Marrero, Rosa McKnight, Latonya "T" Myers, Tonya Randolpha, Veronica Rex, Ros Ryder, Teresa Saunders, Michelle Scales, Lisa Shorter, Nikkie Lee-Smith, Sheri Lopez, Carolyn Smith, Amy Tlapa, Stephanie Waters, and Heather Wiester.


City/Town/Township: City/Town/Township:Philadelphia

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 2020
Call Number: RBD HBP 2021-127
Creator Name: People's Paper Co-Op
Village of Arts & Humanities
Paper Machine
Shoshana Gordon
Aryanna Tischler

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