In Paradise (Im Paradis)

In Paradise (Im Paradis)

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Item No: frk00287
Title: In Paradise (Im Paradis)
Scripts/Text: Fraktur; German script
Language: German
Weiser Number: 216
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Wove paper; watercolor; ink

im paradis \ Adam und Eva

Als Gott die welt erschaffen und \ alle Creatur, ohn alle hilf und waffen, \ Sprach er es fehlet nur ein mensch \ der jetzt da wär mit witz und gutem \ Sinn die welt stet ganz lehre und ist \ kein mensch darin der Herr thät \ niederkommen auf diese Schöne welt, \ Ein wenig Erd genommen, daraus ein \ mensch gestelt da ging Adam spazieren \ im garten hin und her ach könt mich \ Jemand führen und allzeit bey \ mir wär.

Adam thät sich umsehen, und \ dachte hin und her Wo soll ich hin \ Gehen Wan nur ein mensch da \ Wär der mich erquicken könte so \ könnt ich mich freyn und alles \ Gutes Gönnte das ist Was ich \ nur mein Dort steht der Baum \ Voll schöner Früchte der so begirich \ im gesicht und so Herzerquickend im \ genuß Dort stet im Paradies


In Paradise
Adam and Eve

When God created the world and all creatures without help and weapons, he spoke: only a human is missing, who would be there with wit and good sense; the world is very empty, and no human is in it. The Lord came down to this beautiful world, and took a little soil and made the human from it. So Adam walk up and down in the garden and, oh! If someone could lead me and be with me at all times. Adam looked around, and he thought back and forth, where shall I go? If only a human was here who could refresh me, I could be joyous; who could lavish good things, this is only what I mean. There stands the tree full of beautiful fruit that is so tempting in its countenance and reviving in its pleasure, standing there in Paradise.

Category: Religious Text
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-drawn; hand-colored; hand-lettered. The title in Fraktur is in the top center. The text in two columns is in the lower portion of the document. The left column is in Fraktur, and the right column is in German script. Above it in the center of the document is a leafy tree with fruit. Next to it are Adam and Eve. The snake is draped around the trunk and a branch. It is offering fruit to Eve, who is handing an apple to Adam. They are surrounded by leafy vines of flowers. Two birds are in the upper corners. The drawing of Adam and Eve is copied from printed broadsides that were popular in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Provenance: Levi E. Yoder

Creation Place State/Province: Creation Place Note:Based on design characteristics

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): ca. 1840
Image Dimensions Width: 33 cm
ShelfMark: FLP 287
Creator Name: Anonymous - Decorator
Anonymous - Scrivener

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