Bookplate (Bücherzeichen) and Birth Record (Geburtsschein) for Anna Gisch


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Item No: frkb00075
Title: Bookplate (Bücherzeichen) and Birth Record (Geburtsschein) for Anna Gisch
Creation Date: 1/29/1828
Scripts/Text: Fraktur
Language: German
Weiser Number: 691
Physical Description: Leaf
Material: Wove paper; watercolor; ink

Das Testament Gehört Mir \ ANNA \ Gisch.
In Ropho Taunschip, und ich bin in \ diese müh same welt Gebohren, Im Jahr \ Christi Anno 1797, den 2ten Tag No= \ vember, mein Zeichen ist im Widder, \ Anna Gisch du ich mich Schreiben, an \ Gottes wort hoffe ich zu bleiben, und da= \ von nicht zu weichen ab, Biß man mich \ drägt in das grab. Ach Gott mein Vatter \ mich bewahr, daß mir nichts übels wider= \ fahr, behüte mich Herr Jesu Christ, vor \ allem daß mir Schädlich ist, Gott heiliger \ Geist bleib stehts bey mir, biß ich in \ den Himmel komm zu dir amen. \ Geschrieben den 29ten Tag Jenner, 1828.


This Testament belongs to me, Anna Gisch.
In Rapho Township, and I was born into this troublesome world in the year of Christ anno 1797, on the 2nd day of November, my sign is Aries. Anna Gisch I write my name; in God’s Word I hope to stay and not to wander from it until I am carried to me grave. O God, my father, protect me so that nothing evil will befall me; preserve me, Lord Jesus Christ, from all that is harmful. God, Holy Ghost, stay with me always until I come to you in Heaven. Amen. Written on the 29th of January 1828.

Category: Bookplate (Bücherzeichen) and Birth Record (Geburtsschein)
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Hand-drawn; hand-colored; hand-lettered. The text in Fraktur extends across the entire document. The name is written in particularly prominent letters. It is flanked on each side by two flowers and calligraphic spirals. The entire item is frame by a decorative sawtooth or triangular border. This bookplate is in Das Neue Testament (Carlisle, Pa.: Moser und Peters, 1826).   (PA GER Carlisle 1826 B471)

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Associated Names: Gisch, Anna
Provenance: Henry S. Borneman


"Lancaster County Bookplate Artist"  in Russell D. and Corinne P. Earnest, Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners (East Berlin, Pa.: Russell D. Earnest Associates, 1997), 2nd ed., vol. 2, p. 490. 

Creation Place Town/Township: Creation Place Note:Based on inscription on document
City/Town/Township:Rapho Township

Image Dimensions Width: 16.5 cm
ShelfMark: FLP B-75
Creator Name: [Lancaster County Bookplate Artist (active c. 1826-1828)] - Decorator
[Lancaster County Bookplate Artist (active c. 1826-1828)] - Scrivener

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