Philadelphia, 1930s

Item Info

Item No: pdcal00071
Title: Philadelphia, 1930s
Additional Title: Statue, "The Homecoming," R. Tait McKenzie
Media Type: Photographic Negatives
Source: Print and Picture Collection

This is a ca. 1935  image, taken by amateur Philadelphia photographer Claude Alexander, showing a model of the R. Tait McKenzie WWI memorial statue, "The Homecoming."  The original statue was unveiled in 1922, in the center of Cambridge, England.  At the time of this photograph, this model was on loan to Philadelphia by the artist.  The text on the pedestal reads:  "The Homecoming, by R. Tait McKenzie; Model of the War Memorial to the Men of Cambridge, England.  Loaned by Dr. R. Tait McKenzie" 

Creation Year: ca. 1935
Creator Name: Claude Alexander - Photographer