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These lists of books are specially selected by our librarians.

Edgar Allan Poe
Books by or related to Edgar Allan Poe, in honor of the upcoming 200th anniversary of his birth

  • Books Inspired by Poe: The works of Poe are the source of inspiration for many contemporary works of popular fiction.
  • Murders, Mysteries and Detective Stories: Poe is considered by many scholars as the inventor of the detective genre. He is also one of the earliest masters of the short story and is credited with contributing to the emergence of science-fiction as a genre.
  • Poe Biographies and Literary Studies: A list of biographies and literary studies on Poe that explore his life and literary works.
  • Poe for Kids and Teens: School aged children and Teens may select from a list of fiction and nonfiction titles geared more for their age group.
  • Poe’s Poetry including Tales and Short Stories: Poe's reputation as a major figure in world literature is partly based on his collection of poems and short stories.