Where do I start?

These lists of books are specially selected by our librarians.

Good Reads... Philly Fare
Read books by the many authors in Philadelphia.

  • Discover Philadelphia Authors: City writers you might enjoy reading.
  • Philadelphia Nonfiction: Locally written books worth checking out.
  • Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts
    Explore the Free Library of Philadelphia’s resources related to the theme of the inaugural Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts: early 20th century French culture.

  • French Literature: Paris, at the turn of the last century, was thriving during what they called “La Belle Epoque” or the “beautiful era” and it lasted until World War I. The Great War of 1914 changed everything as France would see over 1,000,000 young men die and over 3,000,000 wounded. It was a devastating loss and it was reflected in the poetry and literature of the time.