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Blogs, Websites, and Social Media
Information for Teens on how to create Blogs, Websites, and Social Media.

  • Blogger – Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video.
  • Google Website Maker – Create your own website through Google.
  • Hackasaurus – Hack a website to learn about basic coding.
  • Pinterest – Create themed bulletin board pages with pictures to share your interests.
  • Pinterest Copyright and Legal Issues – How to protect yourself on Pinterest.
  • Tumblr – Create a photo blog.
  • Wix – Create a free website with Wix.
  • Wordpress – Create a blog or website with Wordpress.

Information on the Internet, including the history of the Internet.

Internet Culture and History
Internet Culture and History

Security and Privacy
Websites that can help with your Security and Privacy while online.

  • – Browser extensions and mobile app that prevents websites from tracking your behavior and searches.
  • DuckDuckGo – A search engine that doesn’t track your behavior.
  • LifeHacker Security Blog – News on security and privacy on the Internet.
  • Secure Passwords – A video explaining secure passwords.
  • Terms of Service Tracker – Always up to date listing of Terms of Services for popular web services. Checked every day to see if any of them have changed.

Using Search Engines
Info and tips on using search engines.