Gardening: Heirloom Vegetable Gardening
Raise your awareness of heirlooms.

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All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space! by Bartholomew, Mel
Notes: Full of advice on how to grow more in less space, along with other valuable tips.
ISBN: 1591862027
Callnumber: 635 B283A
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Vegetable Gardening: From Planting to Picking by Bradley, Fern M.
Notes: Useful for the beginning gardener, this book answers questions as basic as "When do I plant this seed?"
ISBN: 0762106298
Heirloom Vegetables: A Home Gardener's Guide to Finding and Growing Vegetables From the Past by Strickland, Sue
Notes: The author is one of the founders of Seed Savers Exchange, a group dedicated to preserving and propagating heirloom seeds. Her book presents a fascinating, gorgeously-photographed guide to heirlooms that will have you reaching for your trowel. Limited availability.
ISBN: 068483079
Callnumber: 635 St51h
A Celebration of Heirloom Vegetables: Growing and Cooking Vegetables by Yepsen, Roger B.
Notes: Old time vegetables, with tips on cooking and preparation. Limited availability.
ISBN: 1885183887
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The American Gardener by Cobbett, William
Notes: First published in 1819, this title was reprinted in 2003 and is wonderful for getting back to traditional gardening techniques. Limited availability.
ISBN: 0812967372
Callnumber: 635.0973 C636a
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Garden Almanac: A Month-By-Month Guide by O'Sullivan, Penelope
Notes: Gardening season never ends. This handsomely illustrated book keeps gardeners on tasks with to-do lists for each month of the year. Limited availability.
ISBN: 0688166199
Callnumber: 635 Os8g