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Care Free Plants : a Guide to Growing the 200 Hardiest, Low-Maintenance, Long-Living Beauties. by
Notes: Guaranteeing success using annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines, bulbs and trees, this book also looks at garden sites and conditions.
ISBN: 0762103582
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Published: 2002
Pages: 352
Callnumber: 635.9 C18f
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Perfect Plant, Perfect Place by Lancaster, Roy
Notes: Do you have only shade, clay soil or acid soil, rabbits or deer, or only houseplants, find the perfect plant for that challenging space.
ISBN: 0789483858
Publisher: DK
Published: 2002
Pages: 448
Callnumber: 635.965 L221P
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Climbers and Wall Plants by Bensley, Philippa
Notes: Grow UP - when you run out of garden space, turn to this fascinating and helpful book.
ISBN: 1558707751
Callnumber: 635.974 B443c
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Pruner's Bible: A Step by Step Guide to Pruning Every Plant in Your Garden by Bradley, Steve
Notes: Alphabetical arranegment, concise directions, and diagrams take the fear out of this necessary garden chore.
ISBN: 1594860335
Callnumber: 631.542 B728p
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The Complete Perennials Book by
Notes: Lovely to leaf through, this book covers garden plans, bloom times, diagnosing problems as well as a plant encyclopedia with good photos for plants recognition.
ISBN: 0897214919
Callnumber: 635.932 C738p
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Perennial All-Stars: the 150 Best Perennials for Great-Looking, Trouble-Free Gardens by Cox, Jeff
Notes: Highly recommended for beginners and experienced gardeners, reading this book is like reading a perennial plant catalog from the best growers, but with all the extra hints expected from this former HGTV garden show host.
ISBN: 0875967809
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Taylor's Guide to Perennials: More Than 600 Flowering and Foliage Plants, Including Ferns and Ornamental Grasses by Ellis, Barbara W.
Notes: Arranged by Latin name with common names in the index, Taylor's guides are the ones to turn to when you want more information quickly.
ISBN: 0395983630
Callnumber: 635.932 T219g2
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AHS Garden Problem Solver by Greenwood, Pippa
Notes: More than a problem solver, this book answers any gardening questions one could ever have.
ISBN: 0789483807
Callnumber: 635 G858a
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Gardening for All Seasons by Halpin, Anne Moyer
Notes: Arranged by seasons with suggested garden activities and chores as well as blooms associated with that season, this book keeps your garden plans on schedule.
ISBN: 9781580113731
Callnumber: 635.9 H164g
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Reader's Digest Ideas For Your Garden by
Notes: These illustrations provide hours of gardening inspiration along with super gardening tips.
ISBN: 0895779196
Callnumber: 712.6 R227di