Edgar Allan Poe: Poe Biographies and Literary Studies
A list of biographies and literary studies on Poe that explore his life and literary works.

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Edgar Allan Poe by Hobson Quinn, Arthur
Notes: Arthur Hobson Quinn separates fact from fiction and provides scholarly research into Poe’s life and works.
ISBN: 9780801857300
Callnumber: 818 P752ZQ3
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Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe. by Hoffman, Daniel
Notes: Author Daniel Hoffman attempts to prove that Poe’s views are not “lacking in coherence and to “do justice to the actual experience of reading Poe.”
ISBN: 0807123218
Callnumber: 818 P752zho5
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Edgar Allan Poe: His Life and Legacy by Meyers, Jeffrey
Notes: This biography explores the tragic life of Poe and his outstanding contribution to the world of literature.
ISBN: 0815410387
Callnumber: 818 P752zme2
Edgar A. Poe: Mournful and Never-Ending Remembrance. by Silverman, Kenneth
Notes: Silverman, a Pulitzer-Prize winning biographer, presents a carefully researched and compelling study of Poe.
ISBN: 0060167157
Callnumber: 818 P752zsil
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The Last Letters of Edgar Allan Poe to Sarah Helen Whitman / Edited by James A. Harrison. by Poe, Edgar Allan
Notes: Includes the correspondence between Poe and Sarah Helen Whitman, Poe’s last true love and the inspiration for his poem, “To Helen.”
ISBN: 9780548501177
Callnumber: B P7514
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Poe Illustrated : Art by Doré, Dulac, Rackham and Others / Selected and Edited by Jeff A. Menges. by Poe, Edgar Allan
Notes: Over 100 drawings by master illustrators are included in this book, which serve to both interpret and accompany some of Poe’s most popular works.
ISBN: 9780486457468
Callnumber: 818 P752a4
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The Everything Guide to Edgar Allan Poe : The Life, Times, and Work of a Tormented Genius / Shelley Costa Bloomfield ; Foreword by Jeffrey A. Savoye. by Costa Bloomfield, Shelley
Notes: An easy-to-use guide to Poe’s life’s, focusing on his life, thirteen year old bride, the truth of his drug abuse and the mystery of his death.
ISBN: 1598695274
Callnumber: 818 P752zbL
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The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe : Authoritative Texts, Backgrounds and Contexts, Criticism / Selected and Edited by G.R. Thompson. by Poe, Edgar Allan
Notes: Includes 57 documents that represent Poe’s classic works, including reviews by Poe and correspondence. Also included are 14 essays on his poetry, fiction and politics.
ISBN: 0393972852
Callnumber: 818 P752A88
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The Tales of Poe by Bloom, Harold
Notes: Literary criticisms are featured along with a short biography, a chronology of the author’s life and an introductory essay written by Harold Bloom.
ISBN: 1555460119
Callnumber: 818 P752zta
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Readings on Edgar Allan Poe by Szumski, Bonnie
Notes: A timeline and chronology of Poe's life are highlights in this biography.
ISBN: 1565106326
Callnumber: 818 P752zrea