Motherhood Panel with Jennifer Weiner, Vicki Glembocki, Rachel Pastan and Amy Richards

Recorded May 17, 2008
Direct Download: 20080517-motherh.mp3

Jennifer Weiner’s novels are full of wit, spunk, and spot-on insights into human nature. Kirkus Reviews calls her latest novel, Certain Girls,the sequel to Weiner’s smash debut, Good in Bedas “heartfelt and funny, a touching examination of both the comic and tragic moments that mark the mother-daughter relationship.”

Vicki Glembocki’s brutally honest and hilarious memoir The Second Nine Months chronicles her agonizing transition into motherhood as she struggles to balance who she was with who she’s become. Unlike other books on motherhood, Glembocki breaks the new mother “code of silence,” arguing that maternal bliss is not innate, but learned.

Rachel Pastan examines what it means to “have it all” as a mother, wife, and career woman in her new novel, Lady of the Snakes. “Pastan’s writing is fluid and frank,” notes the Washington Post, “and her characters are luminescent.” Booklist praises, “Writing an honest and intimate account of the demands on the contemporary working mother, Pastan expertly delivers an intriguing detective story with a clever academic twist.”

For contemporary women, motherhood is as polarizing a proposition as it is a powerful calling. Co-author of Manifesta and co-founder of the feminist speakers bureau, Soapbox, Amy Richards addresses the anxiety that women face today in balancing their maternal instincts with their political beliefs.

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